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1 Pair Of Glass Knifes

$39.99 $29.99
One pair of glass ‘knives’ on card. The user heats each knife over a flame then places his favourite herb between the heated knives and presses the knives together while inhaling the smoke given off. When knives are heated they should not be placed directly on a cold surface or it may cause the glass to crack. Overall length of each knife is approx 180mm.

1 Pc 14mm glass-on-glass stem with cone

$15.00 $10.00
One piece glass-on-glass stem with cone complete with a handle on the side. The lower part of this stem has a 9mm diameter. The frosted fitting area is for a 14mm glass-on-glass fitting and the length of the downstem under the frosted area is approx 90mm.

1 Pc Glass Tube Cutter


Hand-held glass tubing cutter. Easy to use, no water required. Simply score the circumference of your glass tubing and with a quick ‘snap’ you have a nice clean break. You can cut lengths down to approx 20mm. Maximum diameter of glass – 60mm. Will cut borosilicate and flint glass.