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1 Pair Of Glass Knifes

$39.99 $29.99
One pair of glass ‘knives’ on card. The user heats each knife over a flame then places his favourite herb between the heated knives and presses the knives together while inhaling the smoke given off. When knives are heated they should not be placed directly on a cold surface or it may cause the glass to crack. Overall length of each knife is approx 180mm.

1 Pc 14mm glass-on-glass stem with cone

$15.00 $10.00
One piece glass-on-glass stem with cone complete with a handle on the side. The lower part of this stem has a 9mm diameter. The frosted fitting area is for a 14mm glass-on-glass fitting and the length of the downstem under the frosted area is approx 90mm.
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12 Inch Water Bong Glass Stem And Drop Cone

$70.00 $59.99

A popular staight neck waterpipe with rounded base standing 300mm high (approx). All glass design including the one piece stem and cone with convenient side handle making for easy hits. The neck of the Conical waterpipe includes an ice catcher so you can fill it with chunks of ice which in turn gives you cooler and smoother inhales.

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12” Acrylic Double Crimped Bubble Bong And Cone.

$30.00 $24.99
12” Acrylic crimped bubble
(assorted colours) Bong And Cone.
Acrylic waterpipe with crimping. 50mm diameter at the top with 12 inch overall height. Supplied in assorted colours. Comes complete with stem and cone set.
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12” Bubble Bong And Bowl. Ribbed Angled

$30.00 $25.00
Acrylic bong with large bubble at the base and a ribbed neck for easy handgrip. 50mm diameter at the top with 12 inch overall height.. Comes complete with stem and cone set.

15 Inch! Water Bong With Glass Stem And Drop Cone

$130.00 $110.00

With 395mm of waterpipe to get through, you’ll be happy to utilise the ice catcher in the neck of the Ulysses to chill that smoke before it gets to your mouth. The tapered mouth piece at the top lets you get better suction and the good sized base of the pipe keeps your piece nice and sturdy on the table while you lax back and enjoy meditating. The supplied glass-on-glass stem and cone piece make this an all-glass design with no metal parts or rubber grommets to worry about.